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Our handmade carbon gangways are extremely strong and light due to advanced vacuum technology.
Our customers can choose between fixed or foldable gangways in different colours, sizes and shapes. All equipped with deck fittings and wheels compatible to the boat layout as well as logos or lettering.  

Being much lighter then water they float and can even serve as a life saving device. The walking surface is painted in highest quality polyurethane paint with AWL Grip anti-skid sand to prevent slipping.

Carbon / epoxy composite with high density PVC core

  • up to 300 kg of static load

  • AWLGRIP anti-skid walking surface

  • polyurethane high quality paint (standard colour)

  • standard length 2,2 m - weight from 3,8 kg

from EUR 1.100

Special length, attachments, colour of choice etc. on request

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