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The Yacht

Experience Luxury Afloat: Discover the Trilogic-Designed Beneteau Oceanis 35

Step aboard our exquisite Beneteau Oceanis 35 and embark on a journey where luxury meets the sea. With a capacity for up to 4 guests, this vessel offers an unparalleled holiday experience.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek design of IMOCA ocean racers, our yacht boasts unparalleled stability and spaciousness. Its wide frame ensures ample interior and exterior space, promising comfort and freedom as you navigate the waves.

At the stern, a folding swimming platform extends the already generous cockpit, granting effortless access to the azure waters below.

What truly sets our yacht apart is its innovative cockpit hard top, meticulously crafted by Dino, the owner of Trilogic Boats. Providing more than just shade, this feature offers complete protection from the elements with the ability to fully enclose, ensuring your comfort in any weather condition. Equipped with  portholes, it invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings while sheltered in luxury.

Indulge in the ultimate maritime experience aboard the Trilogic-Designed Beneteau Oceanis 35. Your journey begins here.


The Cockpit

The place to be when on a sailing boat where all the action takes place!

Here you can join Captain Dino on the helm, hear his stories and learn a few tricks about sailing.

Or just sit, relax and enjoy in the beautiful scenery.



Yacht architect studio Fimot-Conq designed the Oceanis 35 as comfortable cruising yacht with ocean racer DNA. This means very wide hull with two rudder bladders, flat bottom at the back and lot of volume in the front, to avoid pitchpoling when downwind.

Benefits are clear - much more stability, speed and safety. She can carry more sails being faster without sacrificing guests comfort by leaning too much. Planning downwind ability is not just fun but also a big safety feature, avoiding violent waves splashing on the boat.

Matching speed of the weather or even being faster is the way how ocean racers manage to survive in tough weather.

Charter boats are not made for racing, most of them are even underpowered. The standard trim is forcing crews to motor most of the time especially in the summer when winds are  lighter. To avoid that we improved our Beneteau adding Code 0 and asymmetrical spinnaker sails. This increases our sailing time percentage radically. We believe that sailing boat should sail and to achieve it bigger sails are needed in lighter winds.

When Mother Nature decide to refuse moving air, we have a reliable Yanmar engine to bring us to desired destination.


The Living Area


Step into the spacious saloon and immerse yourself in its inviting ambiance, crafted by contemporary interior design and expansive portholes and windows that flood the area with natural light.

To port, discover a cozy seating bench and a dining table, perfect for shared meals and relaxation. Adjacent is the captain's navigation desk, adding a touch of nautical charm to the space.


On the starboard side, a stylish galley awaits, where Marlies skillfully prepares delectable breakfast and lunch offerings, ensuring every culinary experience aboard is a delight.


Your cabin

Experience comfort and tranquillity in our guest cabins aboard the Beneteau. Indulge in the luxury of two spacious double bed cabins, thoughtfully designed to ensure your relaxation throughout your journey.

Step into your personal sanctuary, adorned with elegant bright wood cabinets meticulously crafted to store your belongings. The plush extra-wide beds, measuring 1.50 x 2.00 meters, beckon you to sink into a restful slumber after a day of adventure on the water.

Feel the gentle sea breeze and bask in natural light streaming through the porthole and two windows, creating an ambiance of serenity and connection with the surrounding marine environment. Embrace the refreshing airflow that invigorates each corner of your cabin, enhancing your sense of well-being.

We understand the importance of staying connected, even while at sea. That's why every cabin is equipped with a 220V AC outlet, ensuring your devices remain powered throughout your voyage, allowing you to capture memories and stay in touch with loved ones effortlessly.

Relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort of our meticulously appointed guest cabins, where every detail is designed with your utmost satisfaction in mind.

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The Bathroom / Toilet

On the starboard side is a guests dedicated head (toilet) and shower very smartly designed offering a lot in a relatively small space.

During your stay on board we provide a whole set of bathroom and beach towels free of charge.

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