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Here’s about us, a couple who’s passionate about sailing and blessed to live their dream together:

Dino Jurela

I was lucky to be born in Split, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast, which is well known for its sailing community. As there was little chance to not be involved in this sport, I started my sailing career at the age of 8. Throughout my life and career, I have sailed all types of boats and yachts, mainly on regattas.  The last several years I have offered my skills and services to the charter boat industry.  In the offseason I work as a carbon composite specialist building boats and producing windfoiling gear. When I am not working I am enjoying my other passion windfoiling.  My friends say that I am starting to grow scales because of all the time I spend at the sea.

Knowing more or less every corner of Dalmatian coastline including islands makes it easy for me to show you the most beautiful places. In the high season when everything can be quite crowded there are still some hidden jewels and secluded coves that I have up my sleeve to make your trip special. In addition to those peaceful bays and swimming in turquoise clear and clean seas, I’m happy to show you the little villages and harbours on the islands and share my knowledge about their rich history.

Marlies Koessler

I was born in Austria and lived most of my life far from the sea but it has always tugged at my soul. As a child, I travelled once a year with my parents to Croatia and loved those 2 weeks where I could sit for hours on the beach watching the sailboats pass by ...

I started my business career in the automotive industry and for more than 25 years I worked around a fascinating, handcrafted car brand called Morgan. As traveling was always my passion it didn't take long till the idea was born not only to sell and service those unique cars but also to offer tours with those beautiful convertibles (open top) cars all throughout Europe. “Morgan on Tour” was founded in 1999 and for more than 20 years I shared the love for unique traveling and my passion for the sea with my guests. 


In 2012 I organized the first Morgan goes Sailing tour to Dalmatia which not only was a big success among my guests but also a life-changing experience for myself. Living on a beautiful sailing boat, waking up every morning surrounded by the crystal clear Dalmatian sea and the deep blue sky had such a big influence on me that not only did this trip become  my  favourite one  but it is also what inspired me e to move to Split in 2021 and start a completely new life… a life which includes living on a boat

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