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Why Trimaran?

Trimaran is the best  sailing boat existing, because it  combines stability, speed and flat sailing of catamaran, with responsive handling of  monohull.
In fact,  trimaran is much more  stable than  catamaran and especially monohull,  because she is wider and lower. Construction of trimaran is ligher too, because main hull support beams which are shorter and lighter than  those on catamaran.
Because of these advantages, trimaran can carry more sails and therefore is faster and more seaworthy than any other type of  sailing boat, which is well  proven  in ocean racing. Trimarans holds all world's records,  from round the  world  in less than  45 days,  to the  longest sailing distance,  covering over 900  miles in 24 hours.
Because of high speeds with lot of apparent wind, trimarans are using flat sails, easy to  handle with roller systems. No symmetrical spinnakers and spi poles needed, which is always demanding for the  crew in terms of skills and number.
Handling of trimaran with short crew is much easier and safer compared to monohulls, because all sails trim can be done without leaving protected cockpit area, working on flat surface, just opposite like on heeled monohull.
Width of trimaran is reducing on monohull size, using hydraulically powered folding system, for cheaper  and easier  to  find  marina bertb 
Having the best of  both, catamarans and monohulls, trimarans are LOGIC  choice.

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