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Trimarans are the best sailing boats existing, which is well proven at ocean racing circuit, where they hold all world's records. Being extremely fast while keeping safety and simple short crew handling, trimaran is logical choice, beating racing catamarans and especially monohulls with ease.

Trilogic 53

Trilogic 53 is world's first all carbon, horizontally folded, zero emission, cruiser-racer sailing trimaran.
She is combining stability, speed, unsinkability, seaworthiness, safety of trimaran with roominess of catamaran, as well as narrow width of monohull when folded, for easier docking.

Combination of light weight, (one third of cruising catamaran), optimized hull shapes, lifting foils, carbon rotating and canting wing mast, and efficient sailplan offers outstanding sailing speeds. Fast and safe passages can be done with ease, reaching more than 25 knots of boat speed, which is up to three times faster than cruising catamaran of the same size and comfort level. Her responsive, monohull style helming is pleasure for every sailor, especially those who used to helm heavy unresponsive catamarans.

Built entirely from carbon-epoxy-Corecell foam composite using vacuum infusion, bagging and pre-preg technology, TRILOGIC 53 offers extremely rigid and light structure. Not just bulkheads, but every part of interior like beds, furniture, cabin walls, floors, etc. is carbon made and are part of boat structure.

Our goal is to provide yacht light and fast enough to match wave speed in heavy weather, instead of being slammed by them, feature of ocean racing trimarans. Also, ability to lift daggerboard, lowering lateral resistance and providing side slip is another extremely important feature. If being hit by huge side wave TRILOGIC 53 slips sideways, preventing capsize.
Boats with fixed keels like monohulls and charter catamarans are in big danger in such a situation, because of big lateral resistance, in the worst case resulting in capsize and sinking of first and capsize of later. Mostly by water ingress caused by broken mast hitting the hull or broken-leaking doors and windows. In such a case is slightly better to be on catamaran, which stays afloat, but floating very low, being very heavy. Means crew have to rush into life raft as soon as possible, to avoid being trapped inside boat, almost full of water.

TRILOGIC 53 is made entirely from carbon-epoxy-Corecell foam composite, in vacuum, providing extremely rigid and light structure, much lighter than water, and is unsinkable Even with all three hulls full of water, she is floating high and capable to sail. Watertight compartments incorporated in the structure just add safety, but they are not necessary to achieve unsinkability, like on racing monohulls.  In the case of capsize, which can occur only by huge operator mistake, it is safe and recommended to stay in the boat, protected, until help arrive. There are two big escape hatches to go safely out on the nets when needed.  But it is good to remember that TRILOGIC 53 is the best life raft in case of emergency, being big easier to spot, providing dry, unsinkable shelter.

TRILOGIC 53 Trimaran is capable of speeds over 25 knots due to very light carbon construction, semi foiling ability, rotating-canting wing mast and efficient sails.
Foils are located in floats, behind front crossbeams, designed to partly lift the boat out of the water, reducing drag, increasing stability and speed.
Stern water ballast system can be used when needed for safe fast downwind sailing or more stability when folded. High buoyancy float bows are preventing pitch poling, adding safety, together with two wheel, three rudder steering system.
Powered by two electrical motors she is 100% fuel independent with batteries being charged by water / wind generators and solar technology, which makes TRILOGIC 53 zero emission yacht.
Motors are located in the float sterns which makes all manoeuvres very easy and simple, folded or unfolded. Always separate enough to turn the boat around its pivoting –dagger board point.  They are mounted on sail drive units with folding propellers. When sailing, propellers are partly open, turning motors which are now in generator mode, charging batteries.

Sailing faster than wind speed in light and medium winds, and capable to keep high average speed in strong wind, means much more sailing hours, covering up to three times more miles than average charter catamaran or monohull boat in the same amount of time. Big percentage of sailing time vs motoring is making TRILOGIC 53 fuel independent, producing lot of electricity by hydro and wind generators. On anchor wind generator and solar panels are charging batteries.

Having catamaran style deck saloon she offers undisputed 360 view, for the crew and navigator, being completely weather protected. Two helming stations are also weather protected and equipped with all lines to control sails trim.
Cockpit is covered with hardtop and can be completely closed with a tent, offering outer living room when needed.
TRILOGIC 53 offers 4 double + 2 single cabins each with private bathroom.
Number or layout of cabins could be changed upon customer request.

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