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Carbon Windfoil Mast

100 cm ultra rigid, torsional and lateral superior. Engineered for maximum flight stability and control

The foil mast is the most important part of the foil assembly. Its what connects the board with the fuselage and wings. All the maneuvers from the pilot goes throughout the mast. If the mast is flexible, foiling is very hard and even dangerous. We developed special laminating technology to avoid these problems. Parallel testing showed superior performance against all the well-known brands.


The Carbon windfoil mast fits directly onto Starboard with the ability to fit on other brands by request.

Carbon Extention

Slalom foil board converted into formula foil 100

By widening the tail section of your board with this carbon extention, it improves the upwind perfomance of your standard slalom foil board.

More leverage! More power!

It's easy to install and fits into the present straps holes.

Available in two different widths and three different length


The way to improve upwind performance of slalom foil boards by widening tail section with foodstraps. More width on the back of the board means more leverage, stability and power.

Our Carbon Extention is easy to install on present footstraps holes and has two rows of foodstraps position on each side - depending on the pilot's preferences.

Windfoil Mast
Carbon Extension
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